AERO CHECKLIST increase your safety and maximises your efficiency to improve your workload and emergencies management.


AERO CHECKLIST's unique and revolutionary interface put you ahead of the events.

Extra information is given to you in time, so you don't have to search for them.


Use the Aero Editor's unique graphical and intuitive interface to add powerful features and make your checklist unique.

You can literally customize everything.


Thanks to the Aero Editor*, create, edit and share your own checklists.

Flight schools** and private aviation companies** can share their own checklists with their students or members on dedicated accounts.

* included in the Private Pilot pack subscription; ** Coming soon


App available for iPad, iPad mini and iPad Pro

  • Interactive & dynamic checklists app for single and multi engine piston, mono and bi-turboprop, helicopters (non-exhaustive list)
  • Checklists excerpt from original manufacturers' POHs / AFMs
  • Revolutionary User Interface for a better efficiency, visualisation and handling (either right hand or left hand)
  • Instant access to any emergency or group of emergencies related to the active normal checklist
  • Efficient and ultra fast selection of emergencies / abnormal situations by typing key words related to the situation
  • Automatic backup with application restart focused on the last validated item in case of a Crash To Desktop
  • Display note, warning, caution notes or any personal relevant notes on demand or automatically (up to 2 at the same time)
  • Display PDFs or images or any relevant document like performances charts on demand from cloud services
  • Connect your Bluetooth headset or use a hard wire connection to hear the checklist read out into your headset
  • Start / pause / resume checklist's items automatic or manual validation
  • Pause on demand at a specific item (available only when the automatic lecture is on)
  • Take hand notes like clearances, ATIS, or whatever you want on the fly and display them instantly on demand automatically or manually
  • Portrait mode and landscape mode (portrait mode strongly recommended)
  • Create from scratch or modify your downloaded aircraft checklists and share them on the Aero Checklist's catalog*

* Requires the Aero Editor add-on which is included in the Private Pilot pack subscription.